Getting the Code

Before we proceed, get the code from Git if you have not done so:

  git clone
  cd ngcourse-next

Now, create, and switch to the branch that we'll be using for today's course:

  git branch --track YYYY-DD-MM origin/YYYY-DD-MM
  git checkout YYYY-DD-MM

Replace "YYYY-MM-DD" above with the start date of the course, e.g., "2015-06-17".

This gives us a hollowed-out version of the application we'll be building.

Install NPM and Bower packages:

  npm install

Start webpack's development server

  npm start

We can also serve the app from a build directory using something like http-server.

Install it if you have not yet done so:

  npm install -g http-server
  http-server app/__build